2022 Bathroom Floor Trends

The enormous selection of contemporary options makes bathroom flooring all about fulfilling your individual vision. With so many possibilities at your fingertips, selecting the product that is just right for you can feel overwhelming. SunCoast Flooring Solutions provides bathroom flooring trends in 2022 in order to assist you with your remodeling decisions. 
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WATERPROOF VINYL BATHROOM FLOORING: This type of flooring has been all the craze for the past 10 years or so and shows no signs of losing its chic appeal. Waterproof vinyl flooring is absolutely amazing in appearance as it mirrors natural materials like wood and is impervious to water. These two characteristics are highly desirable and will undoubtedly help create a bathroom envied by all.

TILE: Tile works well in a bathroom since it is waterproof, strong, and simple to keep clean. Some of the modish tiles in 2022 have the look of wood, stone, or even traditional marble that is frequently noticeable in homes on the pricier side. Porcelain and ceramic tile that mimic marble are rich in appearance, but they are less expensive and easier to maintain than genuine marble.

WATERPROOF LAMINATE BATHROOM FLOORING: Fully waterproof laminate is especially fashionable nowadays and for good reason. Aside from being waterproof, the impressive slew of attainable styles is able to satisfy the most discerning of clients.

SHEET VINYL: Sheet vinyl is fantastic for bathroom flooring as it does not suffer damage from water. An additional plus is that it is not as slick as some of the other materials. Furthermore, it can withstand the test of time. A wide spectrum of designs are available that allow you to create an interesting and distinctive design for your bathroom floor.

Extremely detailed styles that look stenciled on the floor are popular in 2022. These designs include elaborate patterns, metallics, and geometric shapes. Chevron, herringbone, subway tile, hexagon, and wide planks are a number of the many appealing choices. Matte finishes as well as smooth and textured floorings are currently sought-after as this year’s bathroom trends. 

Since bathrooms tend to be small in size, darker shades can give them a dreary and closed-in aura. White, a timeless beauty, and cheery hues such as gray, gray-blue, and blonde are some of the preferred options when it comes to color this year. These pigmentations are wonderful as they promote a cool, calm, and relaxing vibe.

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