Hard Surface Flooring Restoration Without the Mess!

Recently moved into a new-to-you home with old hard surface flooring? Whether your new home has old hard surface flooring or your current space has hardwood that can benefit from restoration, you likely want to receive flooring restoration services. And here’s the good news… you can actually receive hard surface flooring restoration without the mess when you work with SunCoast Flooring Solutions!

Hard surface flooring restoration without the mess

At SunCoast Flooring Solutions, we offer floor renew services that are hassle-free. We provide hardwood, engineered hardwood, laminate, and vinyl planking restoration. Traditional methods of hard surface flooring restoration involved sanding and refinishing. However, these techniques are messy and expensive. They can also take days. Plus, vinyl and laminate flooring cannot be renewed with these techniques. If you have a tight budget or a more modern hard flooring surface in your home, you need services designed with you in mind.

We realized there had to be a way to renew all types of hard surface flooring in a way that was affordable, effective, and could put smiles on customers’ faces. That is why we developed a one-stop solution that can transform your flooring. There’s no mess, no sanding, no toxic smells, and no fuss! Even better, most of our jobs only take one day to complete.

If you’re interested in hassle-free, affordable, and effective hard surface flooring restoration, look no further than Sun Coast Flooring Solutions. We provide our quick and high-quality services to the Sarasota area. To receive a free estimate on our flooring restoration services, give SunCoast Flooring Solutions a call at 941-201-1149 today!

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