The Best Flooring for a Small Bathroom

Flooring is an important factor that greatly contributes to the mood of a room. A small bathroom can have just as much charm and personality in terms of layout as its larger counterpart. SunCoast Flooring Solutions provides several terrific flooring installation suggestions below that are ideal for smaller-size bathrooms.

Bathroom flooring in ceramic tile

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is a nice choice for bathroom flooring as it is beautiful in appearance and waterproof as well. You may want to consider purchasing large tiles as they seem to make a small room appear bigger than it is. Furthermore, if you stick with neutral grout that blends nicely with the tiles, you can create the illusion of increased space and openness.

Natural Stone

Natural stone tiles such as granite, slate, marble, and travertine radiate a posh aura that will enhance overall attractiveness and alluring appeal no matter the style of decor you prefer. Natural stone usually requires sealing every year as its texture is porous. Although more expensive than other tiles, the elegance of natural stone is well-worth the extra cost. Since you are flooring a small area, the higher price tag may not be too concerning.

Vinyl Planks

Vinyl planks mimic the look of hardwood as they are constructed with a strong, solid core. Plus, they are waterproof so that contact with water does not cause any damage to the planks whatsoever. A final clear coat is applied to the planks as a protective layer that guards against scratches and stains from occurring. Not only are there an impressive choice of obtainable shades, but vinyl planks are also available in various widths. Narrow planks tend to complement a small bathroom very well as they seem to enhance the room rather than overpower it.

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