The Best Flooring for Installation

When selecting flooring, there are a few things to think about. Of course you want eye-catching floors that match the design of your home, but you also want to think about the flooring installation process. If you’re indecisive, SunCoast Flooring Solutions suggests the following for renewing your floors.

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If cost is your top concern, the cheapest type of flooring to install is laminate.

Laminate flooring has a similar look to hardwood, but it’s cheaper and easier to install.

Buyers can shop from countless colors and styles of laminate to find something that matches their home. Plus, laminate is durable, making it a great pick for high-traffic areas.


If you like the look of laminate, but you want “the real thing,” hardwood may be your best bet. Even though hardwood flooring is more expensive, it has the highest return on investment. In some ways, hardwood floors can pay for themselves. The installation process for hardwood flooring is pretty similar to laminate, but it does require greater care.

Tile, Natural Stone, & Porcelain

For rooms that are prone to moisture, like bathrooms and kitchens, consider tile flooring. Tile ranges in cost depending on the material you select. Natural stone can be a suitable selection if you’re interested in durability. Porcelain and tile are also great choices, but they can be difficult to install. That is why you should seek professional assistance when installing flooring in your home.

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All of these flooring options are great options and can transform your home while increasing its value.

If you want assistance installing any of these flooring choices including hardwood restoration, reach out to SunCoast Flooring Solutions in Sarasota, Florida. To get in touch with us, call (941) 201-1149 today!

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