The Best Way to Maintain Vinyl Plank Flooring

We’ve all heard of things like vinyl records and a lot of other popular things made from vinyl. But when it comes to vinyl plank flooring, it’s not as popular, so it’s understandable that when people hear about it they often don’t know much in terms of its makeup. One of those things happens to be cleaning it.

When we hear vinyl floors, we tend to think that there’s probably an overwhelming amount of steps to having to clean it. After all, it’s vinyl. Today, we’ll give you some tips on how to maintain your vinyl floor so that it’s always in its prime.

Vinyl plank flooring restoration

1. Keep the Dirt Off the Floor

One way to maintain the floor is to stay ahead of the game. Instead of letting dirt build up like most people have the habit of doing, you want to instead try your best to keep the dirt off in general, such as leaving shoes at the door and eating in a separate room. Basically, do anything you can to keep the dirt off!

2. Use the Right Products

Remember when we said that there’s a misconception over how many steps there are in cleaning Vinyl flooring? Well, there’s a little bit of truth to that in the way that you can’t just use any cleaning product. Some will do more harm than good. Below is a quick list of the products that are best for your Vinyl plank flooring.

  • Pine-Sol
  • Pledge Tile & Vinyl Floor Cleaner
  • Pledge Tile & Vinyl Floor Finish with Future Shine
  • Armstrong’s Once ‘n Done Resilient and Ceramic No-Rinse Floor Cleaner
  • Armstrong Shinekeeper Polish

3. Find Your Own Technique

Cleaning isn’t a one size fits all thing. Everyone develops their own technique over time. And when you use the above products and learn your floor, you’ll develop an understanding of what’s working and what isn’t. If you’re starting to see your floor wear down then maybe it’s time to go lighter on the cleaning and ease up on the elbow grease.

4. Call the Professionals

Last but certainly not least, when it comes to keeping your vinyl plank flooring looking its best, you can never substitute calling the professionals. They know how to keep a floor in its best shape for the long term!

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