The Importance Of Tile & Grout Cleaning

On our Sept. 8th blog post, where we introduced you to ways we could restore your flooring, we briefly mentioned the importance of tile & grout cleaning. This is so critical to the cleanliness and beauty of your home that SunCoast Flooring Solutions wants to take a closer look into it now. We think you will be impressed by the cleaning services we offer our friends and neighbors here in Sarasota.

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The fact of the matter is that we don’t just “scrub” your floors and hope to get “pretty clean.” We professionally extract all the nastiness out of your tiles entirely, and we’ve done this in more than 1,500 projects. That’s not just a bunch of rushed jobs either. Suncoast is the recipient of the Angie’s List Super Service Award for seven consecutive years. We also do this while maintaining an impeccable record of environmental friendliness.

How do we do it? We know the trick to getting grout clean and it doesn’t involve fairytales or sponges. It involves using a sealer, of the same color as your grout, to restore it to almost pristine condition. Done correctly, this will allow the grout to sparkle and shine for years. Suncoast uses what we call the ColorShield sealer, but we don’t merely apply it topically, our professionals make the sealer penetrate the grout lines. We do it BY HAND, not superficially, with the aim of altering the entire grout. Conventional cleaning methods address the surface alone. While nobody can get every last speck of grime out of tile and grout, we can get it nearly perfect and looking spectacular.

Again, the biggest takeaway we want to impress upon you: we’ll get your grout back to its original color and it will stay that way!

Don’t forget that we can help you obtain gorgeous tiles/grouts within your budget. We strive to give you ACTUAL OPTIONS AND SOLUTIONS rather than force a single method upon you. To prove this, Suncoast owner, Brian Dougherty, does every estimate personally.

SunCoast is committed to aiding your home improvement in tile & grout cleaning as well as flooring & shower installation, paver installation, and hard surface restoration. If there is something lacking in your floors, we have a remedy for it. Call us now at 941-201-1149 for a free estimate.

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